Bentley’s Former Opponent Thinks Governor Has Mental Illness

The man who went head to head against Governor Robert Bentley in the 2014 election is speaking out about the governor’s scandal.

Democrat Parker Griffith, a former congressman and medical doctor, believes Bentley’s actions reflect obvious symptoms of a mental illness.

“I’m a physician and have witnessed this type of behavior. Often it’s a sign of either a bipolar break or just an individual under stress who has isolated himself from his family and isolated himself from his friends. He’s making decisions that are not logical,” Griffith said referencing statements made by Bentley’s former friends such as Whistleblower Spencer Collier who said the Governor is not the man he used to know. ‘

“He has been struggling both with the legislature and his personal life. I think the things that are just so newsworthy are the symptoms of an individual who’s not facing reality well. He talks about being divine or destined to be the governor of Alabama and that God intended it to be that way. These are all delusional symptoms,” Griffith said. ” Any psychologist will tell you that Governor Bentley is exhibiting signs and symptoms of a serious illness.”

While campaigning Griffith tried multiple times to convince Governor Bentley to debate him, but Bentley refused. “We knew he was covering up the financial situation in the state and it’s playing itself out in that he has failed to be able to get along with the legislature. He’s failed to do the lottery and failed to expand Medicaid. He’s failed to negotiate with the Porch Creek Indians. We desperately need a living wage. And, so all of these things have been put on the backburner because Governor Bentley is no longer able to complete a task.”

To no one’s surprise, Bentley’s opponent thinks the Governor should step down. “I think there are people around Governor Bentley right now pleading with him to not only get help but also to step down and do what’s right for the state of Alabama,” Griffith said. “He’s not good for us, and he needs help. And, I think that needs to be the focus.”

Griffith spoke to News 5 on facetime while in Nashville, Tennessee.


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