More Than 100 Mobile Roads Will Be Paved in 2016

2016 is the year of the road for Mobile with more than 100 road resurfacing projects on the schedule. City Engineer Nick Amberger said the number is nearly double what the city has done in years past because of the new Capital Improvements budget made possible by the penny sales tax. Before that, the city had to rely on the county and pay-as-you-go programs to repair the roads.

This allows them to significantly increase the number of projects they can conduct each year, which Amberger says will help the city catch up on a backlog of road repairs.

“If you don’t like the cost of maintaining it, ask yourself what the cost of not maintaining it is,” Amberger said about the city’s infrastructure. ” I think that’s something the Mayor certainly understands that we’ve got to maintain our infrastructure because it is one of the primary backbones of the community. It affects us all. ”

Here’s the complete list of current road projects for 2016:

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