Austal Working To Secure More Military Contracts

It’s a centuries-old maritime tradition that helps mark the progress of Austal’s latest ship. The Yuma is the eighth ship in a ten ship contract

“At the price of $160 million these ships have already proven well their worth overseas as we’re seeing today,” said Communications Director Craig Savage. Speaking on background officials say money has been appropriated for two more Expeditionary Fast Transports beyond the 10 under contract right now. They’re working on contracts for numbers 11 and 12.

“We’re working with the navy right now to look at options for EPF but right now we’re focused on what we can control which is the ten ship block buy contract,” said Savage. Company President Craig Perciavalle didn’t attend today’s ceremony but told News 5 in a recent interview the Navy is happy with their work.

Recently, the US Navy began calling them EPFs or "Expeditionary Fast Transports" instead of "Joint High Speed Vessels"
Recently, the US Navy began calling them EPFs or “Expeditionary Fast Transports” instead of “Joint High-Speed Vessels”

“We’re building very good ships here incredible ships here the navy love the ships, all the feedback that we’re getting is these are ships that we need, these are ships that they want,” said Perciavalle. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter wants to cut the order of Austal’s other big military contract–the LCS and have the Navy only use one supplier. No word if or when that could happen. Right now the ship builder still has jobs for its workforce of four thousand men and women through 2021.

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