Spring Breakers Get Younger on Baldwin Beaches

A younger crowd of spring breakers are invading Baldwin Co. beaches.

Kicking around the beaches of Pleasure Island, a younger crowd.

“We usually stay but we decided to do it for the day,” says Reanna Miller from Mississippi. “We’re going to head home and plan for Easter,” adds her mother Denise Bartula.

That’s what most spring breakers will do this week. They won’t stay overnight. We’re going to do lunch and stop and do the go-karts and we’re going to stop at Lambert’s and eat on the way home,” says Miller.

young spring break 2

They will still have an impact on the economy according to Gulf Shores spokesman Grant Brown. “A lot of day-trippers, people come to the beach. They’ll have dinner, got to the water parks and other things that there are to do here in town but there won’t be as many overnight lodging accommodations.”

Mark Cato has already seen it. The new owner of Pier 33, one of the few grocery stores on beach road, couldn’t be happier with spring break so far. “It’s been good. It’s been what we expected. We’ve seen a little bit of a transition over the last couple of weeks from the college students, more families are rolling in now. Business has been very good.”

The bad part about good business, heavier traffic. It’s already building and is expected to continue to build as the island transitions between spring break and the summer tourist season. “The traffic congestion generally is difficult and now with more of the day-trippers coming in and out we have to be careful,” says Brown. But, that’s just part of the game that the coastal communities seem to be winning.

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