Collier: Bentley Should Resign

The man who blew the whistle on a possible affair between the governor and his chief aide says evidence should be presented to a grand jury.

“If you are using state resources to facilitate this that is a crime, it’s a felony and if you are using campaign funds as a way to get around using state resources to facilitate this well then that is also a crime,” said former ALEA Secretary Spencer Collier.


Collier is back in Mobile County after he was terminated from the Agency earlier this week. Governor Bentley cited misuse of state funds as a reason for his termination.

“I have worked hard to build a good name and whether people have agreed or disagreed with me politically over the years,” said Collier “I can tell you in total confidence I did my job as law enforcement officer, always in an ethical manner always to the best of my ability so for him to come out and slander my name and make accusations of financial mismanagement.”

Collier says the governor is a changed man from the person he used to call a friend. If asked, he would like his job back, but he says not if Governor Bentley is still in office.

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