Pensacola Tornado: One Month Later

Not a lot has changed in Pensacola after an EF-3 tornado blew through one month ago.

Twisted and torn, what’s left of the Baroque Town Homes remain a monument to the 155 miles per hour winds that blew through here one month ago.

Pieces of lives are scattered among the ruins. Anything resembling normal is hard to find here.


Across the street at the GE Plant, there are few signs of the twister. a shiny, new chain link fence is up where the tornado ripped through that night. It had already hit The Moorings apartment building trapping people inside leaving belongings scattered for miles. Again, few changes here. The area is cleaned up around the crumbling building where clothes still hang in closet broken open by the storm.

FullSizeRender 1 IMG_2843

Clean-up from a tornado this powerful is measured in small victories. Gone are the large piles of debris that littered this neighborhood and so are some of the houses that were just too damaged to save.


A large number of homes in this neighborhood still wear blue tarps as a badge of honor for surviving the storm at all. Almost all of the houses bear some scar from the twister that blasted through during the darkness of night and made an impact that won’t soon be forgotten.

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