More than 30 Dead After Explosions At Brussels Airport

UPDATE 12:35PM: The British government is warning Britons against all but essential travel to Brussels in the wake of the bomb attacks.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s office said the travel advice was being changed in line with the advice issued by Belgium authorities.

Belgium on Tuesday raised its terror threat to the highest level – denoting “a serious and imminent threat” – and told residents to stay where they were after Tuesday’s bomb attacks on the city’s main airport and a subway train. The city’s transit network was shut down for several hours.

Downing St. said a team of British police had been sent to Brussels to help with the investigation into the attacks that have killed at least 31 people and wounded nearly 190.


UPDATE 10:55: EU leaders pledge to tackle terrorism threat with ‘all necessary means’.

UPDATE 10:40: Three Mormon missionaries are among those wounded. They are from Utah. Their families have been notified, per the church of Latter-Day Saints.

  • Elder Richard Norby (66) of Lehi, Utah
  • Elder Joseph Empey (20) of Santa Clara, Utah
  • Elder Mason Wells (19) of Sandy, Utah

UPDATE 10:30: Islamic State group claims responsibility for Brussels attacks.

UPDATE 9:15: CNN is reporting 34 people and wounded about 170 more injured.

CBS said two Americans have been killed.

UPDATE 8:40: Prime Minister Charles Michel called the latest attacks “blind, violent and cowardly”, adding: “This is a day of tragedy, a black day… I would like to call on everyone to show calmness and solidarity”.

UPDATE 8:15: Here’s what we know, 30-34 dead, 136 injured:

UPDATE 8:03:

CBS News reports: Belgian public broadcaster VRT said the combined death toll from the airport and the Maelbeek Metro station had reached 34 — with 20 people killed in the subway station alone. Belgian government authorities did not immediately confirm the higher toll.

Officials believe Americans were injured in the attack.


Death count revised up to 28.

Security cranked up in the nation’s capital.


From the AP:  French prime minister: “We are at war. We have been subjected for the last few months in Europe to acts of war.”


From the AP:  Brussels transit spokesman Guy Sablon says 15 dead, 55 injured in attack at subway station.


A Belgium Federal Prosecutor says a bomb at the airport was a suicide attack.  It’s not clear at this point if all attacks were suicide bombers.


From the Associated Press:  BRUSSELS (AP) – Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel says ‘what we feared has happened, we were hit by blind attacks’


Reports of France and the UK amping up security in the wake of the attacks

UPDATE:  5:11 AM

CNN is now reporting 23 people have been killed in three explosions in Brussels.  Belgian media is still reporting at least 13 killed at the airport.—a Belgian official says all explosions so far have been suicide attacks.

UPDATE:  4:55 AM Tweeted by the US Embassy in Brussels


An AP Push alert says “Authorities tell everyone in Brussels to remain where they are after explosions at airport, subway station.”


Media outlets are reporting 13 dead and at least 35 severely injured in a series of bomb blasts around a Brussels airport.  At least one explosion was a suicide attack.  From the Associated Press:

BRUSSELS (AP) – A police official cautions that the situation is still developing but says, at least, one person and possibly more are dead in two explosions that ripped through the departure hall at Brussels airport.

Meanwhile, an Associated Press reporter says several people have been injured in an explosion in the Brussels Metro, near European Union headquarters.

All subway stations have been closed.


CBS News Charlie D’agata reported on CBSN he just arrived in proximity to the Brussels airport and was told by a police officer “if you get close you will get blown up” because they are still looking for more bombs around the airport.

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