Local Belgian Mom Talks Terror Attacks

Belgium Terror Attack
Marjan Verschraegen contacts her daughter via Skype just outside of Brussels.

A computer screen connects a mother to her daughter half a world away during one of the worse days in Belgian history.

“When I got up my phone was full of messages and Facebook and are you okay, is your family okay, and Nina said, Skype immediately.”

Nina is Marjan Verschaegan’s daughter. She lives in Ghent, Belgium, about a half hours drive from Brussels.

“My daughter, that is like the most important thing.” The shock waves from the terrorist bombs in Brussels felt all the way in Foley.

“It’s closer than Paris,” says Nina. “It is in our own country. It was already scary when it was in Paris but it’s a lot to take in, yes.”

Nina’s boyfriend is also on the call. Gilles Delpeke is a train engineer. “At a certain point, I was freaking out. I was hoping it wasn’t one of our colleagues that was involved.”

A day of terror is ending in Belgium. “It’s sad but I’m not living in fear,” says Marjan, “that is something I don’t, this is not 911 for me. 911 I was afraid but I’m not going to go there anymore because that was horrible.”

The helpless feeling of being so far from her daughter seems to be setting in, “There is definitely something wrong with the world but yeah, what can you do?”

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