Florida Mother Charged After Being Shot in the Back by 4-Year-Old Son

Police are recommending a misdemeanor charge for the mother of a 4-year-old boy who got a hold of her handgun and shot her as they were riding in a pickup truck.

Jamie Gilt, a gun advocate who made numerous social media postings about gun rights, has been hospitalized since the March 8 incident.

Jamie Gilt was shot while driving by her 4-year-old. (Facebook)
Jamie Gilt was shot while driving by her 4-year-old. (Facebook)

Putnam County Sheriff’s Capt. Gator DeLoach said Tuesday that Jamie Gilt put a loaded gun underneath the front seat and the weapon slid into the back where her son Lane was riding in a booster seat. Authorities said the child had recently learned how to unbuckle himself and picked up the gun. The boy fired through the front seat, hitting his mother in the back. She was in the hospital but DeLoach wasn’t sure if she was still there or her current condition.

Police say they are recommending a charge of allowing a child access to a firearm. He says it will be up to prosecutors to decide whether to file the charge. She has not been arrested.

The state’s child welfare agency is also investigating the March 8 shooting. Florida’s Department of Children and Families also is investigating.

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