Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival Battles Mother Nature

Artist Georgie LeHoop displays his unique art at the Fairhope festival.

The festival opened Friday with downtown streets jammed with art lovers.


Georgie LeHoop from Pennsylvania is making his first appearance at the show with a unique way of creating his art. “I’m a drummer fifty years and one day I was walking along and thought if I dip drumsticks in paint and play on canvas I would create something and that’s how this started.”


Local favorite Jean McKee from Spanish Fort has been showing at this festival since 1982. “I do a lot of crabs. I do a lot of boats. I enjoy a lot of the birds we see around here. I mean this is our area.”


Late Friday night a wicked wind blew into Fairhope and they didn’t know if this was even going to happen.

“We have 320 tents and about 20 of them were damaged,” says Denise Curtis with the Chamber of Commerce. “Some of the artists did have some of their products that were damaged.”


A little rain won’t stop the festival. The show will re-open at 10 o’clock Saturday morning.

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