Two Arrested, Heroin Recovered in Police Takedown

A recent takedown by the Mobile Police Department Narcotics and Vice Unit resulted in the confiscation of 30.2 grams of heroin and the arrest of two individuals. Authorities also seized a handgun and over $2,000 cash.

Keith Hill, 28, and William Barker, 28, were arrested in the takedown that occurred on Interstate 65 Service Road. Both are charged with trafficking heroin and carrying a handgun with no pistol permit.

Authorities estimate the street value of 30.2 grams of heroin is approximately $9,000.

The takedown by Mobile Police took place on Wednesday, March 9.

Barker was released on March 10 after posting bail. Hill remains in Mobile Metro Jail.

28-year-old Keith Hill
28-year-old Keith Hill
28-year-old William Barker
28-year-old William Barker


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