Town Hall Meeting Tackles Underage and Binge Drinking

Local leaders and parents came together Wednesday night to tackle issues that can have grave consequences on affecting our youth, open house parties, binge drinking and minors getting their hands on alcohol.TOWN HALL2

A Texas college student died in Orange Beach over the weekend.  His death is suspected to be linked to alcohol poisoning.  A Spanish Fort High School Football Player is accused of raping a girl during an open house party in Daphne last year. Both incidents were topics of discussion at a town hall meeting between parents and law enforcement at Bayside Academy. Some parents, like Joe Sullivan, are surprised binge drinking and underage drinking are still problems in the community.

“You hear the things like the tragic death at the beach this week..and yet there are still parents out there that are willing to be the cool parent and willing to turn a blind eye..willing to give a key to the vacation condo and I don’t understand how they get to that decision..that the tragic consequences that we know that happen”, said Sullivan.TOWN HALL

Captain Judson Beedy with the Daphne Police Department says the word has to get out about the dangers of allowing young people to drink alcohol.  “I think people think it’s not gonna happen to them..and then of course If you watch the news does happen to some people and that’s too big of a risk that I think that’s worth taking because of the consequences that can come out”, said Beedy.





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