Increased Police Presence on Gulf Shores Beaches

Spring Break on Alabama Beaches
College students have arrived as spring break season begins on Alabama beaches.

Thousands of college students are hitting the beaches in Gulf Shores and plenty will have a story to tell when they get back to school.

“Some people were pretty much inebriated and like talking crap to the cops and someone was videotaping and the cops face and he said you are interfering with an arrest so he like hooked her up,” says Hannah Hicks from Texas A&M. “It’s stupid reasons really.”

At least 80 arrests in the last 24 hours with more than half of them alcohol-related according to Gulf Shores Police Lt. Bill Cowan.
“Most of the arrest come down to public intoxication, minors in possession of alcohol, those are our two biggest categories of arrests this week

“We’re adults,” says Christian Gerring. “I know we’re being drunk and we are on spring break but we’re still adults. We’re in college. We know what we’re doing and they act like we are children.”

A heavier police presence is welcomed by most. But there are those who will remember this spring break for an entirely different reason.
“I was the one that got caught, got in trouble, went to jail, paid 708 dollars to get out. That’s just crazy,” says Kane Rice. “Kind of ruins my spring break.”

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