Warden Among Those Hurt In Prison Riot


Holman prison is on lockdown after a prison riot last night.  An official with the Alabama Department of Corrections sent a news release at just about 9:30 this morning.  A corrections officer and the warden were stabbed.

The news release said the first incident happened at about 9:15 Friday night when a corrections officer tried to break up a fight between inmates in a dorm.  An officer was stabbed when he tried to detain one of the inmates.

“When Warden Carter Davenport and other officers entered the dorm to assess the situation, Davenport was stabbed. Davenport remained at the prison and was treated on-site for his injuries.  The injured officer was transported to an offsite medical facility.  Davenport and the officer’s injuries are reported as non-life-threating.   No other officers were injured,” the news release said.

After the assault, inmates got into a hallway outside the housing unit and started a fire.  They believe 100 inmates were involved in the disturbance.  The news release said the lockdown will continue until ADOC finishes its investigation.  Video and pictures from the fire incident were posted online.  They’re looking for any contraband cell phones used during the riot.  The inmates

Several other law enforcement agencies from outside the prison went in to help.  15 deputies came from the Escambia County Sheriff’s office.  Atmore sent five officers to assist.  Some State Troopers were also sent to help.

In the meantime relatives of inmates have been turned away at the gate.  Some families have travelled from far-flung areas of the state like Dothan and Decatur.  Families crammed in small four-door sedans were told to turn around after driving at least 100 miles one way.  Some people weren’t as worried as you’d think they’d be.

“Not really, because I hear so much about down here it’s ridiculous, just ridiculous,” said Theresa Hall.  She drove down from the Montgomery early this morning to visit her fiance in prison.  “It’s bad, it’s bad everywhere you go, but it’s bad down here.”  It’s a very big disappointment to family members who’ve travelled a long way for nothing.

“A little disturbed that we come this far and not be able to visit our family member doesn’t seem fair, you’d think if they had it under control we’d be able to visit our family member,” said Scott Turvin.  He drove from Dothan with his mother to visit a family member in prison.

Prison officials were recently advocating for funding.  They recently hosted a tour of the max security prison and News’s 5’s Allen Carter had a look inside.

Holman Correctional Facility opened in 1969.
Holman Correctional Facility opened in 1969.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley issued this statement on Saturday morning, “Alabama’s prison system is at a critical point. A volatile mix of overcrowding and understaffing have created an environment that is dangerous to both inmates as well as the Corrections Officers who serve our state. Our state must take the necessary steps to address and solve this problem immediately. We must reduce overcrowding and provide facilities that are safer and more secure for both inmates and corrections officers.”

holman02 holman03

Holman Prison Map

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