Families Turned Away After Prison Riot

In Atmore, it’s fairly common to find people like Deborah Harrison. She’s someone with relatives employed at Holman Prison. News of a riot can be scary.

“Anytime something goes on out there I panic,” said Harrison. To some, this was a problem waiting to happen.

“They probably need a lot of extra guards, they probably need a lot extra that they don’t already have,” said Harrison. It’s a sentiment that is echoed around town.

“They have always been underfunded and they cannot seem to control the contraband that goes into both prisons,” said Julie Hardy. At the prison, Saturday morning, families get hit with the news that the long trip to see a loved one behind bars was all for nothing.

“We travelled you know six hours to get here so we didn’t even know it until we came to the gate this morning so, you know like I said it’s disappointing but it’s just part of it,” said visitor Tina Brown. Holman Prison houses inmates from around the state, not just the region, that means many of the families driving up here today spent several hours and drove hundreds of miles only to be told to turn around and go home when they got to the gate.

“A little disturbed that we come this far and not be able to visit our family member doesn’t seem fair, you’d think if they had it under control we’d be able to visit our family member,” said Scott Turvin who drove in with his mother from Dothan this morning.

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