Tensions Calm after Mayor-Council Spat

Tensions appear to be settling at Mobile’s Government Plaza between the mayor and city council.

After a week of fighting, finger point and name calling, the council met for the first time today.

Last week they were considering an ordinance that would have forced the mayor to find a city council sponsor in order to place any item on the council’s agenda.

They mayor spoke out against it saying it was limiting his power, that led some council members to directly call out the mayor’s chief of staff, Colby Cooper.

But Thursday the council voted to drop the proposal. The mayor says they’re going to move on and put it behind them.

“It’s unfortunate that we had to have that situation occur but it is behind us and I think you will see us working together very diligently and very hard in order to move the ball forward and we will do that,” said Stimpson.

Typically Cooper is at most every city council meeting but was absent Thursday. The mayor’s staff said he was at an offsite meeting and couldn’t make it to the council meeting.

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