NEW DEVELOPMENTS: Hankins Middle School Teacher No Longer In Mobile Jail Cell

Arrested: Jeremiah Hunter
Arrested: Jeremiah Hunter

New information Thursday afternoon involving a Mobile County middle school teacher charged with stalking a former student and receiving child pornography. Jeremiah Hunter, known to most as Jeremy, was transferred from Mobile Metro Jail to the Baldwin County Jail. It appears a federal judge denied a motion for bond. Federal prosecutors usually house suspects in federal cases at the Baldwin County Jail. He faces state and federal charges.

The 8th grade science teacher is on paid administrative leave from Hankins Middle School. He was arrested for second-degree stalking back in February. Investigators say the victim is a former student. WKRG News 5 was told by authorities that a picture of the teenage victim was found next to Hunter’s bed. The victim’s photo was also said to be Hunter’s screensaver on his iPhone.

According to the arrest warrant obtained by WKRG News 5, Hunter’s crimes go far beyond stalking the male victim. Hunter now faces the federal charge of receipt of child pornography, punishable by up to 20-years in prison. You can read more of the details involving the child pornography charge here.

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