Doctors Note Recent Uptick In Flu Cases

flu shot pic

Those at Urgent Care By the Bay in Daphne have seen their share of Influenza.

“Since the first of the year we’ve had 232 cases of flu,” says Dr. Kristin Kalmbacher.

Same goes for across the bay in Mobile.

“We’ve seen several, over the past two weeks, I’d say on average, we’ve seen 10-15 cases a day!” says Dr. Darren Waters with Greater Mobile Urgent Care.

Alabama is getting hit pretty hard when it comes to the flu. Here’s a map from the Alabama Department of Public Health. As you can see, the areas reporting significant flu activity are to the north and east of us, but we all know how diseases can spread.

“It does kind of look like it’s kind of been local spread, and now it’s more regional and it’s kind of coming more towards the southeast,” says Waters.

Right now, the best defense is a flu shot. Last year, the shots really weren’t that effective, however, this year, the CDC says the shots are 59% effective, and doctors agree.

Now some may still have trouble differentiating between a cold and the flu. The best way to break it down is a cold is just downright annoying, but the flu feels like it’s going to kill you.

“The common cold is just stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, whereas the flu is, the classic, you felt like you got hit by a truck. Fever, aches, really just having trouble just walking,” says Kalmbacher.

And there’s something unique about this flu season that’s not normal.

“You know this year’s flu season has been different, we’ve actually seen more flu cases just in the last month, concentrated, than we have since January. Usually February is our biggest month,” says Kalmbacher.

In addition to a flu shot, of course, experts recommend lots of hand washing.

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