FBI expert testifies in Jeremiah Hunter case, finds Google searches, texts

Jeremiah Hunter

Jeremiah Hunter was back in court today for a detention hearing to determine if he would be released.

The judge decided to take the evening to consider her decision and will release it on Thursday.

The prosecution called an FBI expert to testify on what she found on Hunter’s phone, school computer and home computer.

The expert, Candace Hunter, said that any photos on the phone did not have to be recovered; they were still on the phone when it was seized.

On his home computer, she found Google searches including “virgin boys,” “young boys masturbating” “Mobile Alabama gay boys” and more terms that contained obscenities. 

Hunter also looked for methods to send anonymous text messages as well as anonymous emails.

More details emerged about Hunter’s feelings for the alleged stalking victim as well, including that just one year ago, Hunter moved seven houses away from him.

At some point in their relationship, Hunter asked the alleged victim to be friends, but the victim told him that he liked females.

Computer evidence showed that Hunter was upset by that and threatened to expose photos of the victim.

Hunter’s mental health was again called into question as the FBI expert testified that she located a “goodbye” letter on his computer and conversations about possibly taking medication to overdose and die or obtaining a gun to shoot himself.

Hunter wrote the “goodbye” note on Feb. 11 of this year.

The woman who picked up Hunter’s backpack for him after the investigation was revealed also took the stand.

Michelle Barousse, a special education teacher also at Hankins Middle School, said that Hunter was “fair, entertaining and fun,” for students.

She contradicted herself in testimony, first saying that Hunter did not ask her to retrieve his backpack from the classroom, and then saying he texted her asking her to grab it.

At the prompting of the prosecutor, Barousse also recalled an incident where Hunter made her uncomfortable.

He was talking about “some of the things students do,” she said.

Questioned further, Barousse said that Hunter told her and other teachers that a student had sent him a video of a boy masturbating.

She said that she did not report it because she wasn’t sure who the student was and did not know who to report it to.

Deen also told News 5 that he isn’t sure if his client is still suicidal.

The decision on bond will happen Thursday.

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