Exclusive: The Real Danger of Hoverboards

Sure, hoverboards are known to spontaneously burst into flames, but local doctors say there’s a bigger problem.

According to doctors at the Orthopedic Group in Mobile, hoverboard injuries are skyrocketing due to their increasing popularity and difficulty to ride.

Hand surgeon Dr. Thomas Barbour says his office didn’t see a single hoverboard-related injury last year. However after hoverboards became one of the hottest holiday gifts last Christmas, he’s been several hoverboard injuries in his practice every single week.

“First one started three or four days after Christmas,” said Barbour. “So we’ve been seeing them pretty frequently since then.”

Ironically enough, we met 10-year-old Elliott Thompson getting his cast readjusted for a hoverboard injury during filming for our “Digital Dangers” series.  Thompson, who said the hoverboard was a Christmas gift, fractured his wrist in January.

“I guess I got a little cocky,” said Thompson, referring to his hoverboard abilities. “You have to lean forward to make it go, and the tip of it hit the floor and I rolled forward.”

Thompson has been on his hoverboard twice since the injury, even with a cast on his right arm.

“It’s dangerous, but it’s more fun,” admitted Thompson.

The popularity of hoverboards are resulting in adult injuries too, mostly from parents who attempt to ride the two-wheelers as well as their kids.

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