Strengthening Homes for a Storm

The Alabama Department of Insurance is about to unveil a new program aimed at helping you strengthen your home against high wind and severe weather.  In fact it’s called the ‘Strengthen Alabama Homes’ program.  You may have heard something about it.

A couple of years ago the Insurance Department rolled out a similar program of the same name.  It was a pilot program that was to be funded by $700K from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  A number of homeowners signed up for that program back in 2013, but so far they’ve been waiting since FEMA has never provided the funding.

The new version of that program for Mobile and Baldwin County homeowners will be funded by the insurance industry.  The goal is to help homeowners fortify their homes by retro-fitting them to higher building standards established by the Institute for Business and Home Safety.  Those standards look at your home as an entire system.  Improvements may include re-building the roof to the more wind-resistant, and rain-resistant standard; but also could include improved windows and doors, strapping and anchoring for the home, among other things.

The program will have about $5.5m to provide grants to homeowners once applications are made.  Homeowners who signed up for the previous version of Strengthen Alabama Homes are expected to get first priority since they have already spent money for a home inspection in order to qualify.

The application process for the new Strengthen Alabama Homes program is expected to begin in a few weeks.  For more information about those programs click here or here.

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