Mobile Councilman Withdraws Plan To Strip Mayor’s Power

The bickering over power and authority within the City of Mobile took a new turn Friday morning. City Councilman John Williams withdrew his proposal to limit Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s power to add projects and items to the city council agenda. The ordinance, which was first introduced Tuesday, March 1, created a controversy at Government Plaza. Mayor Sandy Stimpson argued the move was unfair and unjustified. Supporters of the ordinance argued the council should know about the mayor’s plans before anything gets added to the agenda for discussion and votes. Councilman John Williams also pointed fingers at the mayor’s Chief of Staff, Colby Cooper, for the communication issues with the mayor’s office.

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson said he reached out to City Council President Gina Gregory on Thursday with a compromise. The mayor also made the rounds this morning on a couple of iHeart radio shows talking about the chaos.

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