Hankins Middle School Teacher Under Mental Health Watch at Metro Jail

Jeremiah Hunter following his arrest in February.

Officials with Mobile County Metro Jail tell News 5 that Jeremy Hunter, an 8th-grade science teacher at Hankins Middle School facing child pornography charges, is being closely monitored for mental health reasons while in custody.

During his court appearance on Friday, the judge asked Hunter if he was seeing a psychiatrist to which he answered yes. Jail officials said at one time Hunter was under a suicide watch and is still being closely monitored.

Federal prosecutors released a complaint earlier this week which alleged that Hunter was sexting with an 8th-grade boy who sent Hunter pictures of three other boys under the age of 15.

After the story was posted, fans of the WKRG Facebook page began asking what would happen to the boy who sent the pictures. Would he face charges?

U.S. Attorney Kenyen Brown said they typically leave the decision regarding juveniles up to the county District Attorney.

“We don’t usually prosecute juveniles unless it’s an extraordinary circumstance,” Brown said, adding that sending naked pictures of a minor is technically a felony. “Technically yes, that person would be creating child pornography using the internet to send that message, which would violate the law.”

Brown urges parents to talk to their teens and be aware of the apps they use on their phones.

Hunter is due in court again on Tuesday for a preliminary hearing.

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