Mayor’s Chief of Staff Draws Fire from City Council

A nasty fight is developing at Government Plaza between the City Council and the mayor. Now some on the council are calling out the mayor’s chief of staff.

It started earlier this week after the council proposed an ordinance change that would require the mayor to get a city council sponsor to place any item on the council’s agenda.

The mayor says that would limit his power.

“If you look back over the last 30 years it is the most substantive or egregious change to our balance of power,” said Mayor Sandy Stimpson.

Councilmember John Williams said it’s become an issue because the council hasn’t been given enough notice before some of the mayors items show up on the agenda.

Williams says the council has also butted heads with the Mayor’s chief of staff, Colby Cooper, especially after Cooper has taken to social media to criticize members of the council.

“Colby Cooper has really crossed a whole bunch of lines. Colby Cooper has been unprofessional. Colby Cooper really ought to be reprimanded,” said Williams.

But the Mayor says he is sticking by his top aide.

“He is the Chief of Staff and the city of Mobile is fortunate to have him as my Chief of Staff because he has the ability to get more done than most two or three people that I know, so that’s really the end of that as far as I am concerned,” said Mayor Stimpson.

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