2016 Voter Growth Outpaces 2012 Primary

With the growth in voter registration reported in the lead-up to the primary, expect to see a few more people at the polls this year.

You can probably expect to see more voters at the polls in 2016.  As of February 21st, the Alabama Secretary of State’s office reports 3,066,732 registered voters statewide.  I measured the growth from September 2015 to the most recent count.  According to that information voter rolls in Alabama increased by  54,419 people.  We examined the last Presidential primary too.  Looking at September 2011 to March 2012 Alabama voter rolls only increased by  35,572 people.

Baldwin County showed some of the strongest voter growth in the state in the lead up to the presidential primary.
Baldwin County showed some of the strongest voter growth in the state in the lead-up to the presidential primary.

I also looked at the percentage growth for each county according to the latest count for February 2016.  Baldwin County had the third highest percentage growth at 2.8% and a growth of  3,687 voters.  Probate Judge Tim Russell estimated 1,200 probably came from the new online voter registration system.

It says to me Baldwin Countians are very informed and politically involved and they want to make a statement in this presidential primary,” said Russell.  The 2016 growth does fall short of the voter growth in the lead up to the 2008 presidential primary.  From September 2007 to March 2008 the number of Alabama voters grew by  61,126.  It is hard to compare 2008 figures to the most current numbers, however.  Several inactive voters were deleted from voter rolls during a 2013 purge.  

As of February 21st the Secretary of State’s office recorded a total of  3,012,313 voters in Alabama that’s a higher total than the total recorded around the 2012 and 2008 Alabama Presidential primaries.  Those totals were  2,998,686 in 2012 and  2,773,982 in 2008.  Both of those totals come from a document called ALVR for March of those years.

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