Meet the Candidates: Mobile County Circuit Judge

Two men are vying to fill Charlie Graddick’s seat on the bench as Mobile County Circuit Judge; James Patterson and Allen Ritchie.

James Patterson

Patterson, a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander, spent Saturday morning with his wife and daughter at Brookley Aeroplex to watch the historic B-29 WWII aircraft take off.

“The biggest honor I’ve had on the campaign trail so far is when I was driving down the road one day and I passed a mail truck. The mailman saw my car and my signs with the wings and he saluted me. It was the best salute I saw since I left the Navy.”

Patterson said he’s a top-rated attorney and his leadership in the Navy is what makes him a unique and qualified candidate.

“Most lawyers just practice law. I’ve lived two lives essentially. I did a career in the Navy. I led young people. I had to motivate troops. I’ve faced adversity,” Patterson said.

Patterson’s platform is to stop the revolving door of crime.

“You’ve got to be convicted honestly and fairly. If you’re not convicted, you’re not a criminal. But, if you are convicted of a violent crime, need to be put away. The system has got to start putting these people away.”

Allen Ritchie

Ritchie jokes that he doesn’t know much about politics and chose to spend his final weekend before election day as he would any other Saturday, spending time at Skinner’s Seafood with his friends and family. “It’s like God’s country here,” Ritchie said about Dauphin Island.

“The work of a judge really appeals to me, and the decisions that he or she makes and how they affect the community,” Ritchie said.

As a local attorney for nearly 25 years, Ritchie’s represents individuals and small businesses.”I’ve got a vested interest in Mobile because this is where our children grew up, and this is my chance to give back and make it better than I found it.”

Ritchie pointed to endorsements from law enforcement and the District Attorney to show his reliability as a candidate.

“I want to be a fair judge. I’m happy to have the endorsement of law enforcement. And, I think law enforcement and our bench need to work together and will work together to make this a safer community.”


You can vote for Mobile County Circuit Judge on March 1st.

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