Young, Byrne Wage Airwaves War

If you’ve watched TV you’ve probably seen the ads.

They’re in heavy rotation between Dean Young and Bradley Byrne with just a few days before they face off again at the polls.

There is no love lost between the familiar rivals, but they’re taking very different approaches.

Young is quick to attack Byrne.

“Bradley is going to get on TV and pretend like he is going to do something and is going to stand up and say he is going to do something but he’s going to do nothing,” said Young.

But in talking to Byrne, he won’t even mention Young’s name directly.

“We have such strong support including a lot of people that voted for my opponent last time,” said Byrne “So this has been an absolutely joyous campaign we’ve had nothing but fun we haven’t had all this acrimony and everything I know he would like for me to respond to him and I’m just not going to do it.”

Most of Young’s attack has been trying to frame his opponent as an establishment republican.

“Because Bradley Byrne is an establishment republican and they have done nothing to stop president Obama,” said Young.

Byrne says really that doesn’t mean anything to him.

“We don’t have an establishment in South Alabama. I hear people say things like that and they really don’t mean anything down here. So I just have the record I have based on who I am and what I always said I believed in and I believe that is exactly what the people of this district want,” said Byrne.

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