Trial Date Set in Multi-State Crime Spree

Brittany Harper
Harper is being held on more than a million dollars bond in Escambia County Jail.

“The State of Florida versus Brittany Nicole Harper”

The beginning of what promises to be a long legal process for Brittany Harper has begun.

“We are going to prosecute her here first.”

Her trial is scheduled to start in Pensacola, May 23rd on charges of robbery, theft, kidnapping and home invasion. State’s attorney Bill Eddins says that date will likely change. “The earliest I would anticipate a trial is July but it could drag out as much as a year in a case of this nature.”

Brittany Harper wasn’t in court for her arraignment. She is here in the infirmary of the Escambia County Jail continuing to recover from multiple gunshot wounds to her legs.

A shootout with law enforcement near Milton, Florida ended Harper and boyfriend Blake Fitzgerald’s alleged string of abductions and robberies. “Kept saying it’s okay, we’re not going to harm you,” says a victim of the pair, April Gunnels. “It’s okay don’t worry.”

Nine jurisdictions in four states, plus federal authorities, have or are planning to charge Harper. Eddins will try and use evidence from those cases in his prosecution. “We also are gathering evidence from Missouri, Alabama and Georgia that we intend to bring forward and introduce in this case to show a pattern of conduct.

For now, Harper remains behind bars on more than a million dollars bond.

Earlier this week a Georgia grand jury indicted Harper in the robbery and kidnapping of a convenience store clerk.
A status hearing in the Pensacola case is set for May 10th.

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