Job Seekers React to Bill Blocking Cities From Raising Minimum Wage

Debate is brewing now after Governor Bentley signed into law a bill banning individual cities from setting their own minimum wages. So we talked to people looking for jobs and employers to hear their perspective at this Friday’s job fair at Fort Whiting.

“We’re looking for cashiers, photo techs, cosmeticians, things like that,” Josh Holman, a manager with Walgreens.

“Currently, we’re hiring for a part-time sales representative to work in our call center,” said Tara Keith, Sears Recruiting Manager.

“We’re hiring for Mobile, Foley and Gulf Shores,” said Darrell Balsamo, Signal 88 Security Supervisor

Representatives told us they had everything from entry level to management and highly skilled positions open.  And most of them told us they pay above the existing minimum wage of $7.25.

Many came in with advanced qualifications and were hoping to for more than just minimum.

“I went back to school with a CNA, and I came down hoping to get a position or find something that’s in the opening of that part,” Robert Sigler, looking for a job in the nursing field.

But meet the Sabbs, one is a navy seaman who’s left the service, and the other is his wife a stay at home mom transitioning back to work.

“I used to be a mail clerk in a former job,” said Tammy Thomas-Sabb, a job seeker.

And already Representative Napoleon Bracy says as a state legislator he will still push for an increase from the state level.

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