UPDATE: Hankins Middle School Teacher Arrested Again

Jeremiah Hunter

UPDATE:  Jeremiah Hunter was denied bond this morning and will be held in Metro Jail until at his next court date currently scheduled for April 5, 2016.  Court documents filed today shed some light on the new charges Hunter is facing.  The filing alleges that on Friday, February 19th Hunter contacted another teacher at Hankins Middle School and asked for a backpack to be removed from his room.  The teacher instead turned the backpack over to the principal.  Items in the backpack were listed as three photographs of the juvenile stalking victim, one of which was a photograph Hunter and the juvenile victim in a glass or acrylic frame.

The Hankins Middle School teacher accused of stalking a former student has been re-arrested. His charge tampering with physical evidence. You may remember Jeremiah Hunter made headlines last week after word got out about his 2nd-degree stalking charge, which includes sending text messages to his alleged victim and showing up unannounced at the former student’s work. Authorities raided Hunter’s home last week and uncovered some disturbing evidence among them a picture of the teenager next to his bed.  The criminal investigation dates back to 2014.


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