Fears Rising In Flomaton


Blue tarps are the most ubiquitous symbols of recovery after a disaster.  That’s a lot of what you’ll see on Old Fannie road in Flomaton.  Severe weather swept in just eight days ago.  I caught up with one homeowner digging under his house.  Jason’s home was pushed three feet by the tornado and they’re trying to lay a new foundation before the severe weather sets in.  There is a palpable sense of fear as the next round of weather is on the horizon.

“I am worried about this one I’m going to tell you ya’ll had us on a two last time, now we’re on a three, and that’s going to be some bad stuff I’m afraid we’re already in this situation here and people hadn’t got a place to live like it is if you take some more out it’s going to be bad,” said homeowner Danny Brock.  Recovery is slow. Expectations vary. Some have real anxiety while other people aren’t as worried because they can’t help what’s going to happen.

IMG_5387 IMG_5388

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