Plain Gardening: Bamboo Trellis

Vertical gardening is important to southern gardeners, because things here grow fast and large. Gardening expert Bill Finch has just finished planting peas that will likely reach sex feet tall or more. Beans and squash need structures, too.

Bill says use whatever is at hand. He has a lot of bamboo, so he’s using that…but you could use broomsticks or branches or just about anything else. Don’t make it complicated; you can take three sticks and tie them together at the top. You don’t need to remove all the branches, either, because the plants can use them for something to grab hold of. Just clip off enough so that the branches don’t poke you. Or you can stretch wires between poles.

These simple trellises will often last a couple of years. So after the peas have finished with it, plant the next vertical crop!

Learn more by calling Bill’s radio show Sunday mornings from 9-11 on 106.5 FM, or email

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