Special Report: Three Times the Love

In our WKRG Special Reports this week, “Three Times the Love,” we profile a local family raising triplets. The Teague triplets are almost eight months old, and are just as adorable as they are a handful for their parents, Buff and Gaillard Teague, of Mobile. Big sister, Martha, loves having her brothers, Walker, Palmer, and Samuel, because the likes to “play with them and kiss them.”  Martha is four years old and is the princess of the house!

The Teague triplets were born in June of last year, at three, four, and five pounds. martha and babiesThey were in the NICU for almost two weeks, but they came home staggered. Buff says that having them come home one at a time was helpful. “When Samuel came home, I said ‘I can do this. This is easy.’ When Palmer came home, I said, ‘This is not so bad. It’s manageable.’ When Walker came home, I said ‘Oh, I get it’!” Initially, the boys needed to eat every three hours, which was trying for the parents. Gaillard says, “You can’t refer to a book. You can’t google this. It’s crazy.”

Now that the boys are sleeping through the night, raising them is a little easier. Buff says they live by a very strict schedule. Being organized with triplets is a must. They have relied heavily on family members to help them. They also have babysitters, since both Mom and Dad work full time. Buff says, “We are organized. We stay on a schedule. It’s all about a schedule, knowing when they will need to eat. Our outings are not long outings.”dwarfs

In our series of three stories on the Teague Triplets, you will see how the Teague parents deal with the challenges of having triplets, such as no quiet time, high cost ($200 a week on diapers and formula), and a busy schedule. You will also experience their joy as they raise these little bundles of joy! Buff says, “It’s like Christmas every morning seeing these three faces. They are happy and loving. I feel so blessed.”stroller

WKRG would like to thank Jane Tucker Photography for the use of some of their images for our stories.  They are some of the best pictures we’ve ever seen!  We would also like to thank Gaillard and Buff Teague for allowing us in their home!



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