Wildfire Crosses Into Alabama as Crews Work to Contain

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has partnered with multiple agencies in Mississippi and Alabama to contain a wildfire that began Thursday night that has now spread to over 4,000 acres.

At this point, the wildfire is only 50-percent contained. High, shifting winds had firefighters scrambling to set containment lines.


No structures are in danger at this time, but officials are concerned about the spread of smoke around the area. Smoke was visible on Interstate 10 around Franklin Creek Road exit and Highway 90 from Highway 63 to Franklin Creek Road today.

Motorists are advised to be cautious when driving this area and be advised of a fog and smoke mixture on the roads.

Fire crews hope that predicted rainfall tomorrow (Monday) will help contain the fire, but crews will still be out to set containment lines east of the wildfire in Alabama.


Monday Am update:  Fish and Wildlife officials are continuing to monitor the wildfire along with local and state resources.  The fire died down some over Sunday night reducing the amount of smoke crossing Highway 90 and Interstate 10–a potentially hazardous condition for drivers.  Officials are continuing to monitor the fire and hope the approaching storm system will help tamp it out.  The fire is not threatening any property at this point.  Officials say it has burned 4,227 acres.

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