Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested Only Hours After Crime

35-year-old Joseph Roper is charged with robbery and assault. Police accuse Roper of robbing the Popeye's at The Loop and shooting an employee.

Employees at the Popeye’s Chicken near The Loop in Mobile got an unwelcome visitor this morning that resulted in one employee being rushed to the hospital.

35-year-old Joseph Roper was arrested by Mobile Police only hours after the crime took place this morning around 9:15 a.m.

“When the subject, Joseph Roper, entered the back door of the restaurant. He was armed with a handgun and demanding cash. During the course of the robbery, Roper actually shot the victim once in the upper thigh. The victim was transported to a local hospital and was listed in stable condition,” said Terence Perkins, an officer with the Mobile Police Department.

Roper is being charged with Robbery 1st and Assault 2nd. He has a lengthy arrest record that includes domestic violence, illegally carrying a firearm, among other charges.

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