92-Year Old WWII Vet Running Cross Country

Ernie Andrus is a 92-year-old World War II Navy veteran on a mission; to raise enough money to get LST 325 back to the coast of Normandy, France to commemorate the ship’s role in the D-Day invasion.

Ernie is one of the crewmen who, in 1999, helped sail LST 325 to the U.S. from Greece, where the ship had served in the Greek Navy for decades.

The journey was chronicled in the History Channel documentary “Return of LST 325”, which ended at the Port of Mobile.

Now, Ernie is hoping to raise enough money to sail the ship back to France.

He is running cross country from San Diego, California to Brunswick, Georgia.  He plans to arrive in August, when he will be 93 years old, making him the oldest man to run across America.

He has a website set up where he’s taking donations to help get LST 325 back to the coast of France. You can find the website here: http://coast2coastruns.com/

Ernie is taking Sunday off for a day of rest before resuming his journey Monday on Highway 90 at the 8-mile marker. He hopes to make it to Swedetown Road in Theodore before the day is through.

News 5 Photojournalist Clinton Bourgeois caught up with Ernie Saturday. Check out the story in the accompanying video.

Learn more about LST-325 here: http://lstmemorial.org/


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