Naval Aviation Training Draws Noise Complaints In Foley

T-6 Miltiary Aircraft
NAS Whiting Field near Milton is the busiest Naval air station in the world.

FOLEY, AL- Bill and Susan Trimble moved to Foley’s Glen Lakes subdivision from Arkansas two years ago.

The Trimbles and some of their neighbors say military pilots training on the T-6 aircraft fly right over their house from the time they wake up until right before dinner.

“We had no idea there was a military facility nearby,” says Susan Trimble.

“We come down to paradise and the next thing we know, we’ve got planes flying all around us all over the place,” says Bill Trimble. “I’m not anti-military, I’m a former Naval officer.”

The pilots are using nearby Barin Field for touch and go exercises.

“We want the Navy to move their operations from Barin NOLF to somewhere where it’s not an inhabited area where they can fly and not disrupt the lives of people,” says Tom Hallberg.

The pilots that use Barin Field are stationed ast NAS Whiting Field near Milton, FL. Military officials there are aware of the noise complaints and say they want to be good stewards.

Military officials say flight operations at Barin Field are in compliance with FAA regulations.

Military officials also say local realtors should let potential homebuyers know there’s an active air field in the area.


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