News 5 Reporter Crashes Super Bowl Parties

Tonight, I had one simple assignment; drive around town to find Super Bowl watch parties to crash.

The search began in the Hickory Ridge subdivision where I found the Pierce family, who was hosting a group of teenagers and college students from Moffett Road Baptist Church.

Before kick-off, Michael Pierce led the group in a devotional, then it was time to hit up the snack table.

Halfway through the first quarter, I was out the door again and on the hunt for the next party.

That’s when I stumbled across a fun, rowdy bunch of Auburn…I mean Panthers fans.

Their set-up was complete with a feast inside and a bonfire and flat-screen TV outside.

Their logic is that if you’re an Auburn/Cam Newton fan, you’re a Panthers fan.

After doing the dab and grabbing a cookie for the road, I made my way to the next house I could find with cars blocking the driveway; a dead giveaway that this house was hosting a party.

My search brought me to the Regency Oaks subdivision, where a group of high schoolers from Dauphin Way Methodist were huddled on the couch enjoying the game. To pass the time during commercials, one of the girls passed out a SuperBowl Trivia quiz.

20 questions into the test, it was already time for me to move along to one final house  before the night was over.

The Barkin family started setting up for their party at 5 a.m. this morning. Lauren Barkin said that’s when she started cooking her famous brisket.

“We love getting together with friends and family. We just decided to have a SuperBowl party. It’s the best time to do it,” they said.

Unfortunately, as with the three parties before them, I had to say goodbye just a few minutes after saying hello. It’s not easy to fit four parties into one football game, but it sure is fun.






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