Government Websites in Mobile County Hit by Hackers


The pages for Probate Court and Public Works are back in order.  The City of Citronelle’s website is still hacked.



You can add another site to the list of hacked home pages. The front page of Mobile County Public Works has been hit by the same group. Other pages on the site appear accessible.


The probate court website is back to normal, for now. Citronelle’s site is still hacked.


It appears a game of whack-a-mole has started. The Mobile County Probate Court site has been taken over again by the same outfit. The City of Citronelle’s site has been hacked in the same way by the same pro-jihadi group. Mark Erwin with Probate Court said their site hosting provider has been contacted. He said personal information should not be at risk.

“Please assure everyone that this is a web homepage issue – it does not impact or compromise our internal system or any county/court data,” said Erwin.


The probate court site is back to normal. It was fixed shortly after I reached out to Mark Erwin.

“Things should be back to normal. Something similar with a muslim theme occurred a year or so ago. We were not able to identify any person or group responsible,” said Erwin.



Don’t look to get any Mobile County Probate Court Records for awhile.  It appears hackers have taken over  This is the website for Mobile County Probate Court.  The site appears to have pro-jihadist propaganda on the page along with a song sung in Arabic blaring over the site.

“You led us for this.  We will not be silent.  How long will war continue in Syria, Palestine and Iraq,” reads some of the phrases on the website.  It closes with “Our goal is not vandalism.  But get our message across.  Arab Muslim Was here!”

I reached out to Mark Erwin via iMessage with Mobile County Probate Court this morning.

“First news of that – thanks – I’m getting our IT folks now,” said Irwin in the message.  “We have an outside vendor who ‘hosts’ our site.  We are working with them to get it corrected.  Unfortunately, this is not the first time we’ve had something similar happen.”  We’ll keep you posted on if and when the site is changed back.


You can hear the song being played at the site.  I’ve uploaded it to my SoundCloud account.

webpic02 webpic03


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