Two Firemen In Hot Water Over Facebook Video


This is what many people saw on Facebook recently.

A video of a Grand Bay volunteer fireman recently surfaced online. In it, he says the “N” word several times along with several curse words.

“It’s disturbing. I was very unpleased with the two individuals for what they did, they’re sorry for what they did,” says Grand Bay Fire Chief Grayling Christian.

Fire Chief Grayling Christian says the men were letting off steam after a stressful call. After all, he says, being a fireman is not like any other job.

“They don’t realize the after effects of what we go through,” says Christian.

He says that is no excuse for what the men did. The video has been taken down, but now folks want them to face disciplinary action. However, there’s only so much authorities can do.

“All I’m able to do is give him a written reprimand which I’ve done, and put in their folder. It’s kind of hard to dock somebody’s pay when you don’t pay them to start with, you know?” says Christian.

The men will attend a sensitivity training class and a class on social media protocol.

“I’ve talked with the district board president and he says it’s fine with it and as far as we’re concerned, this matter is closed.”

Christian didn’t give us the names of the firemen involved, and said they would not like to be interviewed. Again, the post has been taken down and one of the firemen has apologized on his Facebook page.

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