Shoppers Giving 4K a Second Look

Nick Karakatsoulis showed me around Best Buy’s TV selection. Much like the milk in the supermarket, the televisions are in the back of the store. I joked that it was probably so people would walk through most of the store to see the sets. There may be a little truth to that. New TV’s can draw people in even if they only came in to buy a pair of headphones. Many are flat, some are curved too.

“It sort of gives you a feeling of depth without being a 3-D TV,” said Computer Supervisor Nick Karakatsoulis. Many are dropping in price. Since black Friday many four k models have fallen under 1000 bucks. CNET published a report in November saying 4-k TV’s aren’t “stupid anymore.” The toughest sell on those 4k TV’s is definitely not the picture quality but it is asking Americans to upgrade one of the most heavily used appliances in their homes once again.

“I kind of think back to that, no one really has those analog TVs anymore this is something that’s here to stay, 4k TV’s are the best resolution,” said Karakatsoulis. He recommends a screen greater than 50 inches for a large party.

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