PIGGY POLICE: “Otis the Pig” Gets Picked Up in Alabama Cop Car

PELL CITY, Ala. (WIAT) — A potbelly pig got to ride in style after he was picked up by Pell City police on Monday.

The 6-month-old pig’s name is Otis, and he was found running through the streets along Funderberg Bend Road in Pell City.

pig4A neighbor spotted him and called 911. Police loaded Otis into the back of a cop car and took photos of his ride.

Police dropped him off at Pell City animal control, where our cameras were rolling when he was reunited with his owner David Easter.

“I let him out and I turned my back and he took off. I tried to find him and he ended up in a police car,” Easter said. “They picked him up. They carried him to jail and so it’s been all day everybody has been calling me all day long.”

Photos of Otis in the police car quickly went viral on social media.

Pell City police said they never knew the incident was going to spark so much attention, but they’re happy it did.

As for Otis’ owner, he says Otis is a sneaky one, and he’ll have to think twice before turning his back on him again.

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