13-Year-Old Viciously Attacked By Pit bull

13-year-old Hunter Sharman attacked by a pit bull Tuesday night in Crestview

13-year-old Hunter Sharman is recovering from surgery at Springhill Medical Center after being attacked by a pit bull in his Crestview neighborhood.

According to family members, the dog is well-known in the neighborhood for being aggressive and has attacked at least one child before.

Animal control found two animals they believe to be responsible for the attack. They will remain in quarantine for 10 days. They say that two pit bulls were on Sharman’s property the night of the attack but only one of them attacked Hunter. It is unclear what will happen to the dogs after the quarantine period.

Hunter’s sister, Ashley Striplin, describes the attack as vicious, “He [Hunter] said it kept trying to get his neck and the only thing he knew to do was put up his hands to make it stop.”

The 13-year-old was dragged off his own front porch. The dog latched onto his arms and legs. Striplin says her mother heard her brother’s scream, “My mom ran out when she heard help, help oh my God help. My brother was screaming sir please help.”

His mother took a piece of plywood and beat the dog off of her bleeding son. According to Striplin, it was his mother’s quick thinking that likely saved Hunter’s life, “The nurse said if it had gone any further it could have hit two of his main arteries in his arms and legs and it would have killed him. It was the end of a toothpick away from hitting those main arteries. He’s lucky to be alive.”

The injuries Harman sustained were significant but his family expects a full recovery.

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