Pilots For Christ Helps Silverhill Woman

FOLEY, AL- A plane carrying important cargo touched down at the Foley Airport Tuesday.

Inside, 20-year old Erin Council from Silverhill- a college student badly injured in a car wreck in Memphis.

The wreck happened earlier this month while Erin was visiting her boyfriend for the weekend. Both were seriously hurt. Memphis Police say the driver of the other car was drunk.

Erin broke her arm, her pelvis and has ten staples in her head. Her boyfriend is still in ICU at a Memphis hospital.

When Erin was discharged, her family wasn’t sure how to get her back to Baldwin County. A bumpy, painful and expensive ambulance ride from Memphis to Silverhill was out of the question.

That’s when Pilots for Christ stepped in. The Monroeville-based non-profit group flew from SW Alabama to Memphis to pick up Erin and brought her back home…for free.

Last year, Pilots for Christ in Alabama helped provide air and ground transportation to 310 people in need. The group relies on donations to stay in operation.

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