Daphne Closer to Major Parks Renovation

The City of Daphne is now a step closer to a major renovation of three of the city’s recreational parks.

The City Council voted last night to pursue an option put forth by Volkert Engineering.  The company was hired last year to provide proposals for revamping some of the city’s parks.  For more than 15 years there have been several people in the community, including members of the recreation board, that have asked for new and upgraded facilities at the parks.

The council voted for the first of three options provided by Volkert, that would see upgrades to two major parks, Lott and Trione–and basically create another park from scratch on land the city acquired on Park Drive.

The plan includes 8 new baseball and softball fields, 2 new football, soccer and lacrosse fields, and 10 new tennis courts.  The plan also includes playgrounds, walking trails and a splash pad at the Park Drive location.

In all, it’s a plan that will cost the city about $16m.  So far, how that will be funded has not been decided.

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