Scam Buster: Our Own Bill Riales Has A Warning For Others

Bill Riales was scammed

The last person you’d expect to get scammed…

“I didn’t even know this was a scam that existed! Ha!” says Riales.

Our own Bill Riales jumped online to check his cell phone bill.

“I figured if they hacked me, they’d just pay the bill,” says Riales.

When he noticed something odd.

“We paid off the installments that we had on our cell phones cause I didn’t want to be under contract anymore, but they kept taking the installments out!” says Riales.

So he called AT&T and talked with a fraud expert.

“Someone had hacked into our AT&T account and had used the upgrades we had on two phones to order new phones,” says Riales.

It all started when Bill decided to switch from paper statements to emailed statements. A lot of people choose this because they think it’s safer because then papers aren’t lying in your mailbox with your personal information on it.

Unfortunately, what he thought was an electronic bill from AT&T, turned out to be from a scammer with a link to a bogus website.

“When you click on it, it can download things on your computer, it can download key loggers, it can download malware on your computer,” says Detective Laura Soulier with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

And a keylogger is how these scammers got into Bill’s account and ordered the two upgrades. He sorted everything out with AT&T, they took the charges off and now Bill is that much the wiser.

“It just goes to show that no matter how vigilant you are and how alert you are, that sometimes things will slip by you,” says Riales.

Experts say it doesn’t matter if you’re getting emails from a legitimate company or not, never click on a link provided in an email. If your bill is due, open a search engine and type in the web address yourself to get to the site.

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