Chester the Pig Can Stay in Orange Beach

Chester the Pig
Chester can stay in Orange Beach as long as he is an inside pet.

Joy Brown will be able to keep Chester the pig as long as he is an inside pet.  Chester was the subject of a nuisance complaint that included a report of chickens, debris, and weeds in the yard.  Orange Beach Code Enforcement officer Chuck Smith told council members all of the violations had been resolved except for the pig.

Brown considers Chester a family pet.  She has had him since he was a piglet, that was four years ago. She considers him a member of the family and even started a Facebook page to drum up support for the porker.

Mayor Tony Kennon says once a complaint is filed the city has no choice but to enforce the rules.  He says there are no exceptions.

Brown says she is happy with the results. “I got a lot of questions answered and Mayor Kennon specified a lot of things for me and cleared a lot of things up. So, now I know the right path to take to keep my piggie because I’m not letting him go.”



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