Attempted Child Abduction in Orange Beach

“I almost lost my kid today.”  Life can change in an instant and it did for Katie Holder over the weekend. “He busted through the door and he was like, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom this lady, she just chased me! She just chased me!”

Her 10-year-old son had been playing with some other kids Saturday afternoon when an SUV circled the area a couple of times. “He didn’t think too much about it because he’s a ten-year-old,” says Holder. “He’s just like I’m playing, I’m having a good time.”

In a neighborhood with one way in and one way out, an unfamiliar vehicle caught the attention of an adult watching over the kids as they played. “When that truck circled back around and the lady got out and took off after him and he said all he did was scream and run the whole way home,” says Holder.

“What it appears to be possibly a attempted abduction or abduction of a child from one of our local neighborhoods.” Lt. Steve Brown with Orange Beach Police says they are concentrating on finding that vehicle. “A dark red or maroon possibly a Dodge or Chrysler product. It may be an SUV or truck with a camper shell.”

Still shaken, Holder says her son is staying close to home and she is counting her blessings. “It’s Orange Beach. This is the place we come and it’s easy going and that kind of stuff doesn’t happen here. It happens here. It almost happened, someone almost took my kid.”

Police say the young man did exactly what he should have done in that situation. He made lots of noise, drew attention to himself and ran away. Police are still on the lookout for that vehicle if you have any information that could help call Orange Beach Police.

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