Trampoline Gym Bouncing Into Mobile

It’s still under construction but almost here.  Amid all the construction noise, Becky Sugarman can’t say enough about what will be Mobile’s first trampoline gym. She’s the general manager for Get Air Mobile.

“The archery tag and as well over here running two lanes is going to be our ninja course,” said Sugarman as she showed me around. When I visited Friday I saw a lot of nets and construction–but the trampolines weren’t in yet. Promotional videos from Get Air’s other facilities show some of the activities and fun, but there’s a serious side too. All guests must sign a waiver–at the top line, it says “warning inherently risky, may result in death or paralysis.” Odds are that won’t happen to you but Sugarman said they’re not hiding it either.

Becky Sugarman is the general manager for the new Get Air trampoline gym.
Becky Sugarman is the general manager for the new Get Air trampoline gym.


“We’re not by any means saying no one’s going to get injured that would be misleading and dishonest we’re just letting you know hey come in at your risk we want you to have a good time we want it to be safe and we want you to come back,” said Sugarman. Visitors are also asked to watch safety videos before coming. They’re shooting for an opening date in early February, maybe the 6th. If nothing else, this place will be unique in mobile and the region.

“This is the fifth largest indoor trampoline park in the world,” boasts Sugarman. The gym has an undersea theme with local touches like the USS Alabama painted around some walls.  The facility is located on Schillinger Road next to the Target in West Mobile.  For more information you can check their website for videos and links.

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