“I’ve had him since he was a baby. We’re all he knows.”

Chester the Pig
Chester can stay in Orange Beach as long as he is an inside pet.

This is Chester, a 300 pound, potbelly pig living in a little piece of paradise.

“He was a 15 pound, dirty, little piglet and we brought him home,” says Chester’s owner Joy Brown.

baby chester

That was four years ago. Now an anonymous complaint could force Brown and her family to get rid of him.

“After four years of having him as part of my family, they said he was a nuisance and he’s going to be, people are complaining about him and so I had to try and find him a home.”

She thought she had until they tried to load him up. “He wouldn’t go, would not go. Fought for an hour and he just screamed the whole time. That was his way of telling me, he’s not going. This is his home.”

chester 1

Joy says losing Chester would be like losing a member of the family. Her next move is to take her fight to city hall.

“I haven’t gotten any straight answers on who made the complaint or what the complaint was about because Chester doesn’t leave the yard, he doesn’t make noise, he doesn’t smell, he doesn’t go anywhere.”

Orange Beach mayor Tony Kennon says Chester is “not a pig. He is a hog.” He says neighbors complained, there was an investigation and “when there is a violation of a city ordinance we have no choice but to enforce it.”

Pig or hog, Brown says it doesn’t matter. “I’ve had him since he was a baby. We’re all he knows.”

For her he’s family and he’s right where he belongs.

Brown started a Facebook page to drum up support called “Let Chester Stay”. Orange Beach city council meets tomorrow night at 5 o’clock.

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